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Dan March 1, at am Great work WordFence! Are there plans to get direct involvement with government officials to speed up the process at catching these criminals? Mark Maunder March 1, at pm No plans currently although we have friends in government and a few of our team members have worked in government cyber security.

There's an ongoing dialogue in our industry between government and private sector on how to better share threat intelligence e. We have, for example, recently had a meeting with two major vendors in which we shared threat intelligence that helped one of them improve their firewall rules. So the whole industry is really working towards doing a better job of protecting the online community.

JoeV March 1, at am So, are the attackers inserting pages into legitimate WP websites that brings a user to their site in order to purchase the counterfeit goods? Mark Maunder March 1, at pm Often it's simply to have the search engines index that page and pass on pagerank to the counterfeit site they're trying to promote. Hudson Atwell March 1, at am Would I be in the wrong to suggest the American Government apply targeted sanctions against these recipients?

Passing this data on to the relevant government entities is hard.

WordPress in Depth by Bud E. Smith

Who would we try to contact? Gary Cohn? Grace Koh? Mark Maunder March 1, at pm I'm not sure that would help. You might target a company or ISP and they would just change the name on the door and peer with other providers. It's a tough challenge. I don't want to see a regulated Internet, and so I'm not in favor of putting up borders in cyberspace. I think the way we're tackling the issue now is quite effective. We develop threat intelligence that allows us to put firewall rules in place to tightly target these threat actors and their TTPs and in this way we very effectively protect our customers and our free community users too.

James Bularz March 1, at am Thanks so much guys! Up to now I have just test-driven the free wordfence product on my test staging site, but info like this shows you guys really actually care. It's enough to make me consider using your premium product on my production site as well. Mark Maunder March 1, at pm Thanks James. We have some amazing analysts working for us and Rob is definitely one of them.

Very very impressive stuff! Mark Maunder March 1, at am Thanks Rupert! Dwayne March 1, at am Thanks for this in depth analysis of these attacks. Of course three Wordpress sites were in there. I always recommend your plugin first when it comes to a Wordpress site. Any chance you guys will develop a Joomla plugin? Mark Maunder March 1, at am Hi Dwayne,. Cristina March 1, at am Thank you so much for this article.

My blog was hacked exactly as described. What finally tipped me off to look into it was I did a search from Google images by typing in my domain name. There were images of sports apparel linking from my site and redirecting to a sales page. Since then, I have installed the free version of Wordfence and monitor daily, took extra steps with regards to Cloudbleed - and as soon as I have the funds, I will be upgrading to the premium version of Wordfence to block certain countries as that's what I'm noticing the influx of attacks are coming from and they are still trying to access those apparel pages.

Mark Maunder March 1, at am Thanks for the kind feedback Cristina, glad to hear we helped. Subix March 1, at am Good article. Is there any possible way to stop these attacks? Mark Maunder March 1, at pm Yes. Install Wordfence. Even the free version blocks all attacks from this campaign. Larry Bomse March 1, at pm Thank you mark, we get hit at least times per week, one night, it was over attempted attacks Wordfence kept the Goulies out.

Bill Edmonds March 1, at pm This is an extremely well written article, as are all of the blogs you post. I am not only referring to the use of simple, clear and concise language to explain complex IT information but the grammar is superb. I'm waiting for the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll to be included in the next blog! By the way, we deal a lot with China, with transactions paid through Western Union and recently we had these transactions queried by Western Union.

I wondered at the time what it was all about but your explanation about the money trail seems to be a good reason for their diligence in checking that everything is legit. Keep up the good work wordfence team. Mark Maunder March 1, at pm Thanks Bill. Much of the credit for grammar and style goes to Dan Moen, my colleague who edits man of the posts and also contributes research etc. I'm still figuring out the difference between "its" and "it's" - my fingers seem to have memorized the wrong one for each occasion. Irene March 1, at pm Eye opening! I heard about someone's site that got hacked and that prompted me to take action and I have installed Wordfence on my site and I am so glad I did after reading this article.

This should be taken up on a high level with the Chinese authorities and get them to crack down on the hacking as well as the counterfeiting!

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Hopefully the publicity from this when it goes viral online will prompt action on the Chinese end. Thanks, Mark. Mark Maunder March 1, at pm Thanks Irene. Chuck March 1, at pm Good article, interesting read. We have seen this across our servers as well with actually a very large surge in the last 12 hours. You really have a great Team! Sherwin Flight March 1, at pm We have noticed an unusual number of hits to WordPress login pages the past month or two.

After reading this article I did a scan of our log files and found IPs in the Kim March 1, at pm Nice job laying out the investigation tactics. Jules March 1, at pm Fascinating! Huge thanks Mark and team for sharing your knowledge and insights about current security issues. It is an amazing privilege to have Wordfence protecting my site AND also get access to your very well-written, up-to-date information!

What Are Google In-Depth Articles?

George Pasparakis March 1, at pm Thank you for your extended sharing of information. It is really good that you decided to come fourth with actual hostnames, IPs, providers etc. It means you value your work!

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Thank you for your great plugin for WP. It's being a valuable tool to the security of our systems. Thanks for the precious info. I have to say that I found your posts very informative.

How To Create an eCommerce Website With WordPress and WooCommerce - New for 2019!

As an agency that sells wordpress websites you may understand how important for us is to offer security for our customers. So, thanks again for your efforts. Best regards from Italy! Keeping one step ahead of the problem makes you super heros! Thank you for educating us. John M March 2, at am Guys - has it occurred to you that you have moved into a realm of significant international criminal activity and the possible consequences of this? and

I ask only because I am beginning to fear for your personal safety! Mike Clegg March 2, at am Thanks for being so awesome guys and providing such great protection and updates. Astrid H-V March 2, at am You guys are amazing! As I former web developer and of course a proud WF users I can't emphasize on the importance of having a plug in like Wordfence. Thanks for all of this information and hard work. Keep up the fantastic work, we are in good hands! Mark Maunder March 2, at am Thanks Astrid.

James R March 2, at am This is a fantastic post. I really appreciate what you all are doing and especially enjoy reading articles like this which point out the forensic work you're doing. A fantastic read!! It got hacked right after I took over, but Word Fence's scan tool rescued me. In fact, it was a similar type of operation selling "Cuban" cigars rather than sports jerseys. Look forward to the days of bigger clients whom I might sell the premium version :.

Keep up the great work and the informative posts!!

They're inspiring me to learn more CLI networking too! Mark Maunder March 2, at pm Thanks James! Stephen Ashton March 2, at pm You guys are absolutely amazing. No organization like this out there for WP site admins. Thank you so much! Cheryl March 4, at am I sleep much better at night with Wordfence in place. Your "live traffic" feature showed I was getting about 6 attempted hacks every 20 minutes. Wait, WHAT?!

Thank you for what you do -- I quite happily plunked down the dollars to buy your premium protection and recommend it to all my WP blogging friends. VW March 7, at am I notice on the wordfence information that it lists all the attempted admin logins blocked as well as the successful logins when I login myself. If a hacker did get in, they would see the successful login to use wouldn't they under that section? Can this section be blocked to hackers who do get in?

Mark Maunder March 10, at pm You can't block anything to a hacker who 'gets in'. Once your site has been compromised, all bets are off. Lydia Diaz March 27, at pm I've noticed quite a number of these attacks recently, and recently had to counter spam registrations.

WordPress In-Depth Article Markup Plugin

Thank you for all that you do to keep my site safe! This information is much appreciated. Protect your websites with the 1 WordPress Security Plugin. Get Premium Over million downloads. Updates on WordPress security, Wordfence and what we're cooking in the lab today. Introduction The number of brute force attacks that we see each month targeting WordPress is incredibly high. What else comes from We grabbed the sample and it contained the following: As you can see the spam contains a number of domains that are marketing sports apparel.

A Network of Counterfeit Sports Apparel Sites We used the list of domains we found in the spam above to find out what other defacement attacks the Wordfence firewall has blocked that contain those domains. The checkout on one of these sites looks like this: In every case, the payment recipients are based in China.

Wrapping it Up What we have shown here is that a criminal organization selling counterfeit sports apparel is engaging in spam to promote their retail websites. Did you enjoy this post? Share it! Russians specialise in servers. Look on freelancer websites to determine specialities. Just wondering Philippines - head of justice in the senate arrested for funding and running a drug cartel. So the poor man gets creative.

The whole 'system' gets in on the corruption and you have your answer. Sorry, but you are on your own and that's why you need Wordfence! Loved the detail in your organization report. Keep up the good work! WordPress is really our 'wheelhouse'. For now. Thank you Wordfence for these informative updates and a great product! Your post was very informative. Look forward to the days of bigger clients whom I might sell the premium version : Keep up the great work and the informative posts!! Follow Us.

The most ubiquitous TLD and the one you will be most familiar with is. There are many different TLDs, some created exclusively for organizations. Unlike the TLD, you have full control over your root domain; example. We have tremendous freedom in choosing root domains. The only two restrictions when registering a domain are that it be unique i.

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Purchasing domains that have already been registered is also possible, but they usually command much higher prices. A good domain should be concise, memorable, unique, easy to spell and easy to pronounce. A subdomain is the domain that appears before the root domain; sub. Once you own a root domain, you can create subdomains at no additional cost. Subfolders are listed after the TLD; for example, domain. SEOmoz has an in-depth article on the intricacies of domains relative to search engine optimization.

Choosing the right host and package is extremely important. Get it wrong and your website will suffer. A host should empower you, never limit you. The best hosting recommendations will come from friends and colleagues, because they will have first-hand experience to share. There are also high-quality WordPress-specific hosting companies that can take care of everything for you. Rather than simply host your website, they install and configure WordPress and support you every step of the way. When you signed up, your hosting provider should have sent you the names of the nameservers.

They look something like ns1. Once this step is completed, you will have to wait up to 24 hours for the change to propagate. It would be happy to point you in the right direction. Download and unzip the latest version of WordPress , and then upload it to your hosting account using FTP. FileZilla will ask for your FTP credentials host name, user name and password. Your host will already have given you these; if not, request them. Once you have connected to your server via FTP, you will be presented with a list of folders. This is where you will upload WordPress.

If you want your website to be on the root domain, upload it directly. If you want to install WordPress in a subfolder, you must first create the folder and then upload the files there. Many people install WordPress in a subfolder such as example. A database is where all your WordPress data is stored, including your content i. Each time a page loads, WordPress queries the database for all of the required information, such as title, content, categories, tags and published date.

If you are unsure how to complete this step, your host will be able to assist you. First, rename the file to wp-config. Then, using a text editor, open the file. Find these lines, and replace the placeholders with your credentials. Then save your edited file to the server. Head to your domain. WordPress will request some basic information to complete the installation and create your account.

The process is short and self-explanatory.