Guide Consensus Through Conversation: How to Achieve High-Commitment Decisions

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It's not mere acquiescence-consensus goes several steps beyond, moves people from being resigned recipients of instructions to dedicated champions of an idea.

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Larry Dressler discusses the basic concepts behind consensus, shows you exactly how to prepare for a successful consensus-building process, takes you step-by-step through that process, and offers tips for success and traps to avoid. Throughout, he provides a host of tools and examples that make this an eminently practical and immediately useful guide. Resource Link: www.

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The power of consensus decision-making

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Consensus: Balancing Action and Discernment, the Voice of the Many and the Few

Download the Resource Guide today! Members Map. An effective consensus process consensus-building is inclusive and engages all participants. Consensus decisions can lead to better quality outcomes that empower the group or community to move forward to create their future together.

Consensus Through Conversation: How to Achieve High-Commitment Decisions

If groups want high-quality decisions with strong support for follow through, and they are willing to invest time to create a proposal or plan, they will benefit from consensus decision-making. Involving all group members in the discussion of issues and making decisions together is a powerful process. Consensus decision-making has a rich history dating back to early Native American societies, as well as the Quaker tradition.

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The consensus process has also been used within political movements, nonprofit organizations, intentional communities, and worker cooperatives. Work teams become more engaged and committed to implementation when they have the opportunity to create their own goals, projects, or action plans. Creating consensus generally requires a common purpose, an understanding of consensus and a skilled facilitator.

Consensus is a cooperative process in which all group members develop and agree to support a decision in the best interest of the whole.

Consensus Through Conversation : Larry Dressler :

In consensus, the input of every participant is carefully considered and there is a good faith effort to address all legitimate concerns. Dressler, Arietta and Wallace define consensus as "a journey and a destination. As a product, consensus represents a resolution—a decision that satisfies all participants.

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Often referred to as "consensus building," the process is a journey of preparing participants to make a decision. Discussion is needed to identify issues, clarify questions, establish decision-making criteria and address all concerns. The goal is to create an understanding of the issues and then share the perspectives of all involved.

Consensus Through Conversation: How To Achieve High Commitment Decisions

Using a trained facilitator to plan the process and lead conversations to get to a decision is important. Consensus is the outcome of a consensus-building process.

After listening to all perspectives, participants develop a proposal that honors the wisdom of the group. When people think and talk together, they can find a solution or proposal to move forward as a group. A consensus decision does not mean that everyone agrees on all the details or that some have changed their ideas or perspectives. Arietta, D.

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Consensus building fieldbook. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs. Bressen, T. Consensus decision making.