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  1. Best book on knot theory
  2. William Menasco (Author of Handbook of Knot Theory)
  3. Handbook of Knot Theory (2005, Hardcover)

The subject is indeed hard. Carus Mathematical Monographs The opening chapter offers activities that explore the world of knots and links — including games with knots — and invites the reader to generate their own questions in knot theory. A major theorem of Gordon and Luecke states that at most two knots have homeomorphic complements the original knot and its mirror reflection.

Best book on knot theory

Also it has chapters on the recent applications of knot theory to other fields such as physics, chemistry and biology. By Charles Livingston This book, along with the one by Adams is one of the best introductions to knot theory for the general reader. Alexander' s theorem states that any knot or link can be put into braid form.

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The concepts and practice of Knot Theory are very well presented. The author glosses over many technical details, but that allows the reader to delve more deeply into the material.

Knot Theory 7: Linking Number

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Best book on knot theory Best book on knot theory. Mathematical Association of America, This book is a survey of current topics in the mathematical theory of knots.

William Menasco (Author of Handbook of Knot Theory)

It assumes only a general background in mathematics yet contains a great deal to occupy even the expert. I haven' t read it yet should arrive in a couple days but it looks promising. Knots and Physics, Louis H Kauffman is definitely ambitious book. For a mathematician, a knot is a closed loop in 3- dimensional space: imagine knotting an extension cord and then closing it up by inserting its plug into its outlet.

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The present volume, written by a. Basic knots.

Handbook of Knot Theory (2005, Hardcover)

Knot theory is a subject with a deep cultural background and a short mathe- matical history. The background of knot theory is.

I can fully recommend this book to anybody interested in the subject. By A K : In particular, we survey the tools used to estimate geometric invariants in terms of basic diagrammatic link invariants.

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